What is the FCRA

The French Creek Residents Association was created in 1973 to monitor, promote and pursue the interests of all residents in the French Creek area of the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN), commonly known as Area G. Membership in the Association gives all property owners and permanent residents representation and current information on matters and actions that affect our local community. Keep informed of actions by governing bodies such as the RDN and Provincial Government, in addition to developers, businesses, utility companies and actions of other property owners. Membership carries no obligation other than to be a property owner or permanent resident in our area and pay an annual fee of $10.00 per household, to cover costs. The Association Executive is comprised of up to 6 Directors plus 5 officers who are also Directors and all are volunteers. The Board meets on the first Thursday evening of each month and members are encouraged to attend but are requested to notify the Board beforehand via our email address at the bottom of this page at least four days prior to a meeting. Your Board keeps you informed via email and this website. There is strength in numbers. The more members we have, the more influence we have on the future of our community.

What does the FCRA accomplish?

Together with the Board and other volunteer members, FCRA is involved with improving local conditions, monitoring changes, enforcement of the OCP and RDN by-laws, participation in vetting development proposals, making recommendations to the RDN and other governing bodies regarding specific issues, including participation in the review of the rates, activities, and services of our water utility providers. You can volunteer to participate, attend community meetings, or join the Board.

Current FCRA activities include: – the removal of French Creek from participation in AWS/ERWS water service which eliminated taxes, saving you $142.00 per year now and more in the future. – monitoring the proposed redevelopment of French Creek Landing and Shell station properties – researching, surveying the community and presenting a proposal to the RDN for the purchase of the Epcor water utility which will also improve the quality of water for Sandpiper properties  – the monitoring of numerous subdivision proposals and inclusion of land to be allocated for park use by participating in the RDN Parks committee – discussion with our road maintenance company concerning common matters and repairs – dealing with important issues as they arise and lobbying government such as the fatal accident on Roberton Blvd where a resident was killed – participation in the operation and future plans for the Health Centre in Parksville – attendance at various community meetings concerning issues such as plans for future Arrowsmith Water Service, RDN regional growth strategy, water resources, sewage/pollution control centre issues, annual herring roe odours, etc..

Board of Directors –

Vacant – President

Jervis Swannack – Vice President

Michael Cook – Vice President

Barb Riordan – Treasurer

Vacant – Secretary

Lyle Hollingworth – Director

Brian Coath – Director

Pat Weber – Director

Lloyd Sargison – Director

Rob Williams – Past President


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