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Are you concerned about the speed on your street? Well you can help do something about it. You could set up a speed watch on your street to educate all the drivers going through your neighborhood. Members of Oceanside Community Safety Volunteers (OCSV) are trained to operate our speed radar equipment. It is very easy to set up and operate. Then all you do is monitor the speeds. If you would like to join our team, visit our website ( and find the application form under “volunteer”. Any further questions? Contact Ken Curdie at

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The FCRA keeps track of the water rates in the area, access the link below:

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August 1, 2019 – On July 25th the RDN announced they had “concluded” negotiations with Epcor and would not be moving ahead with a purchase proposal.  They say that a purchase would mean a higher cost than what customers now pay Epcor.  They provide no support for this broad statement and we have vehemently disagreed with their position.  The RDN contracted with a consultant 2 years ago at a cost of almost $36,000 to provide an evaluation of the utility and they have had that in their possession for about 1 ½ years.  If the valuation did not support a purchase relative to what would be saved by not paying Epcor for profit and excessive debt cost, we expect the RDN would have made that announcement then.  They did not do so.  We believe any purchase rationalization they are determining is based on what Epcor is asking rather than what the utility is worth.  At this stage the RDN has decided to quit/give up but we have aggressively recommended that the RDN undertake expropriation proceedings as did the City of White Rock in June 2015.  White Rock ultimately purchased their system for substantially less money than Epcor was asking.  The same opportunity exists for French Creek but staff have declined to do so and the Board has not reacted.  We are pursuing this further.

September 24, 2018 – the attached letter from the RDN indicates there is progress on this proposal and we expect further information to be provided in the near term.

RDN letter dated September 21, 2018

March 28, 2018 – It will be 2 years in June since your Board made a detailed presentation to the RDN Board of Directors outlining the feasibility of purchasing the Epcor French Creek water utility. The RDN Board unanimously passed a motion to pursue a proposed purchase, committed funds and directed Staff accordingly. Since then we have pursued RDN staff on a monthly basis for information concerning the progress of this project. To be candid, to say the RDN has been dragging their feet would be an understatement. By comparison, in 2015 the City of White Rock completed a takeover in under 5 months after passing a motion to expropriate.

Randy Alexander, RDN, advised the following on March 5th to our latest information request. He sidesteps the fact that while the RDN has signed a confidentiality agreement and White Rock had done exactly the same, White Rock saw leeway to provide general information to their Taxpayers on a number of occasions. We have pointed this out and provided links to the relevant newspaper releases. For some reason, RDN staff are unable to recognize the same latitude and we know nothing further than the comment below. Even so we are optimistic the RDN will recommend that a purchase should go ahead after public consultation. Epcor has publicly stated they are in negotiations with the RDN for a sale of the utility.

August 11, 2017 – the RDN advises they selected an asset evaluation company which is working with current information supplied by Epcor and should have a report prepared for action by RDN Staff very soon.  A report to the RDN Board will be prepared and after vetting by senior RDN staff will be presented to the Committee of the Whole (COW) on November 28th, in camera.  Assuming the report is favourable, it would then be presented to the formal Board meeting in December for ratification of any Staff recommendations.  At that point there would be a referendum of all affected property owners looking for approval to acquire the funds and incur debt to buy out Epcor.  Full details would be provided with that request.  Further updates will be provided